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The Crown Jewel !

The glove that started it all !

TheRS1is the crown jewel of our line and the true "Rival Original" on which the company was founded.

Manufactured with a new, ultra-resistant, upgraded outside raw material, this improvedRS1version continues to offer the performance, durability and quality that you have come to know for over 15 years.

Upon listening to our closest and most trusted customers, we have reshaped and streamlined this beauty to give you maximum comfort and an exquisite fit. TheRS1has also been refreshed with a new look to mark the new generation of this glove.

As it has been since the beginning, theRS1 Ultra Sparring Gloveis the pinnacle of a professional sparring glove. From its inception, this glove has been designed with the professional in mind, and is still the pros choice.

When we introduced this glove back in 2003, we also introduced the world to theAngled Lace-Track. This unique and original innovation not only offered a new and dynamic way of designing and manufacturing gloves, it also provided the perfect lace-up to offer the best fit and stability.

TheAngled Trackhas become the distinctive, signature look ofRivalacross our entire line.

TheRS1sparring glove is the perfect mix of comfort, protection, professional performance and industrial durability.


  • Made of Super Resistant Microfibre;
  • High Density Multi-Layered Foam Padding;
  • Rivals SignatureAngled Ergo Lace Track System;
  • Conic Cuff Design;
  • Soft, Foamy Cloth Inner Lining;
  • PrintedRivalGraphics;
  • RivalSilicone Patch on the Wrist.