Proam Boxing



Quality boxing gloves, I recently bought them and I used them a fews times on bags and pads their great, very comfortable and snug gloves, great hand protection and they protected my thumb very well. I’ve hand ringside, adidas, fairtex and Lonsdale gloves these are best I’ve used hands down.

- Tapz Gage


My brother in law Chris Firth used to own a shop in Prescot near Huyton. I worked there and got to know everyone in the boxing game as well as the trade. Happy days at Pro-Am Boxing.

- Paul Kelly


My good friend & former amateur coach runs this business. He’s sponsored me with kit & equipment from the beginning of my pro career & still does to this day despite me now being a journeyman. Great man & great kit at very reasonable prices. #QualityAsStandard

- Ricky Starkey 


I worked there years ago top guy Chris and top quality boxing equipment pleasure to have worked with you.

- Tony Moir